Man, it was funky. The problem, whis is actually a feature, is that you can use aftertouch to slightly alter the pitch when you push harder on a key, which is something you can do with the real D6 also with guitars and all stringed instruments , but this feature can be turned off if you don’t send it any aftertouch events. One thing I did notice was that even when I was using a the 2nd DSP Engine any one of them I still had access to adding in the Organ using the lower drawbars.. And this is my dillema. As I said in another post, this system is somewhat advanced and requires at least a computer to be set up properly. I have found that so many of them concentrate on the character of the older instruments and seem to overlook that a lot of the later Rhodes my favorites have a very warm sound and that it is actually hard to get them to ” bark” unless you really hit it.

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My point is I think you can become comfortable with pretty much anything once you play it for a while. Man, it was funky.

DIAMOND XtremeSound 5.1/16 bit Sound Card (XS51)

The excellent review you wrote for the Diamond Xtreme Sound 7. You won’t likely know the splits for single manual answers until the standalone modules show up, but you might email or PM Guido or Andrea and see if you get a response. Maybe I should have made a new posting, but here goes. Is it possible to separate the left hand bass so that the lower manual drawbars don’t effect the bass anymore? Joined Jul Location Toronto Posts 9, I’m an organist but can appreciate what a dmc can deliver; it’s just not what I wanted or need.


Aftertouch is a nice feature. But the gist was I was able to get a total of soumd separate sounds going at the same time. While the lighter keyboard would be nice, it wouldn’t be a good fit for me for non-organ sounds.

BUT always maintaining equallity compared to comparable intervals in the other keys. Sometimes it has to do with time to market.

DIAMOND XtremeSound /16 bit Sound Card (XS51) | Diamond Multimedia

The drawbars and all the buttons work like the Mojo, but there are no editable parameters via software. One of my reservations is that I really like the look of my current mojo and also that all knobs and drawbars etc are correctly labelled. It is all about xteme you want the board to do in any given set up.

Earlier in this thread, someone asked why someone would buy a Mojo if the DMC was available. Anyone itching for one of these, take a look. I may have a DMC with Gemini module in my future but the acoustic piano samples cause me to think twice. As I said in another post, this system is somewhat advanced and requires at least a computer to be set up properly.

Diamond Xtreme Sound PCI (XS51) Sound Card | eBay

Never heard a sampled synth sound good. Soun also removed all other files from one of them. The piano sound comes from the included sample player, which also includes some CP samples, synth samples, etc. Are the uncompressed Gemini samples in WAV or other standard format or a proprietary format?


XS71UV2 Diamond Xtreme Sound External USB Sound Card (XS71UV2)

Plus, this new simulation features a very realistic sympathetic resonance that involves the whole “harp” that can vibrate and resonate every time a key is struck. Note, one cool thing about the Gemini module is that if you don’t know what CC a particular controller on your keyboard is sending say the sustain pedal jack ; simply go to the gemini, then go to the parameter that you want to control via midi, click on the ” CC: But big library of samples to choose from xttreme economically of course since it has so little storage.

The rack and table top are interesting. I am sure they have their own specs for fatar to manufacture the key action. Thanks to diamohd three. It looks diamod similar in size to a Nord C2. Sometimes it has to do with the fact that a product you are looking at may not be designed with you in mind.

It was coming through the TS ends on balanced cables connected to the internal Gemini to either direct to the SSv3 or to the Focusrite Scarlet interface. The modelled Rhodes sounds great but the modelled Wurli or Reed Piano sounds a bit plastic to me. Can anyone comment on the wound of the Vox and Farfisa organ sounds in the Gemini?

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