The funny thing is: It’s an NI issue. Did you try to increase Buffer Size? You mentioned that Cubase 5 full shows up, Is the HALion player and any other software license you may have also in the list? Thanks again for your feedback and responses! Who is online Users browsing this forum: Believe me, all of these features will not give you a quality DAW.

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I don’t know the LM7 well. Who is online Users browsing this forum: What version of Cubase 4 Studio do you have?

Cubsse you send screenshots? I think this problem is quite strange, but since there is a workaround I do not care o much about it. Should I connect my monitoring system directly to the UR22 line outputs or leave them connected to the computer jacks? And then I installed LCC version v6.

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The “main mix output channel” shows no activity whatsoever. You can skip that. Users browsing this forum: You cubaze find this year’s holiday gift right here.

Set your output here. May be worth you posting on the Steinberg forum. Once you get it working you’ll find C5 very stable.

No sound on my computer in Cubase AI 6 –

Kim BostroemDec 30, Believe me, all of these features will not give you a quality DAW. Thanks again for your feedback and responses! Make a track with a drum loop for 16 bars or whatever. Perfection Su Twain Driver. Yes I too have this issue.

Also here, no sound. Very frustrating in matters like these where using an older software is required. As you mentioned, it had to do with the License Control software that needed to be updated.

No Sound Playback –

No sound coming from computer Post by mr. What do you see there?

Apple has made a lot of changes regarding their computers and OS over the last 10 years where they make it very difficult to utilize older versions of software on newer macs. Got the latest versions Cubase 4.


Happy Holidays!

Intel I7 k 2. However, then again there is no valid registration although I registered everythingthus it all works only in Demo Mode, duh! It doesn’t matter if it’s on a hub or not. For now, you don’t need it. Is s3 required to use another device external hardware as the output source?

HALion player is the only one that comes up when it says its not working even when i open it in stand alone the same message comes up?

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