Off Disables the fault time-out. Color Registration Adjustment Purpose: Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Press and hold the Start button to display the secondary error light sequences. Action Yes No 2e Is the print media damp?

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To lower the temperature, set negative values. And if it’s a color hard copy, so much the better.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

For details, see “When Loading C5” on page No If printing on an envelope, go to action 2. To avoid jams, flatten them as shown below when loading them in the MPF.

Page Specifications Page Maintaining Your Printer Page Page Maintaining Your Printer 16 Periodically, your printer requires you to complete certain tasks to maintain optimum print quality. If you cannot find the icon on your desktop, follow the procedure below. Loading Letterhead Load the letterhead in the printer with the print side facing up.

Get a Dell 1250c color laser printer for $69.99

The Dell Supplies Management System window appears. Restart printer to apply new Press the Restart printer to apply new settings button settings to apply the changes. To use up a toner cartridge when you need to replace it before the end of its life, or to stir the toner in a new toner cartridge. Action Yes No 1 Ensure that the toner cartridges are installed correctly. Go to 1250x 4b.


Understanding the Operator Panel Lights Ddell operator panel lights mean different things, depending on their sequence. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Page 3 Remove any paper jammed from the back of the printer. This feature allows you to reduce the paper consumption. Tool Box Click to open the Tool Box.

B Appendix Dell Technical Support Policy Technician-assisted technical support requires the cooperation and participation of the customer in the troubleshooting process and provides for restoration of the operating system, software program and hardware drivers to the original default configuration as shipped from Dell, as well as the verification of appropriate functionality of the printer and all Dell-installed hardware.

And you get a one-year warranty, despite it being a refurb. Loading Print Media 10 Loading print media properly helps prevent jams and ensures trouble-free printing.

Covers Displays the voltage setting of the transfer roller for cover paper. Dell c – printer – color – LED 5x0tw.

Dell c – printer – color – LED co. Ensure that the title on the letter head enters the printer first. Depending on how you have the printer positioned on your desk, you might not be able to see the indicator LEDs light 1250 unless you physically get out of your seat to look down on it. If not, use the print media recommended for the printer. These lead to paper jams and can cause damage to the printer. Mottle Action 1 Yes Adjust the transfer bias.


This information is usually on the print media package.

Dell c Color Laser Printer : User guide

If you do not load envelopes in the MPF right after they have been removed from the packaging, they may bulge. Pages are printed in the order of page 1, page 3, then page 5. Before I go any further, let’s talk consumables — the real price of any printer. The Ghost Configuration Chart is printed. Page 22 20 Finding Information Page 23 3 Product Features This chapter describes the product features and indicates their links.

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