Also, device manager does not have a disable choice, only an uninstall choice which I would rather no do. I have an Inspiron and this works for me: Double click the driver:. I would appreciate it if you left feedback in the comments on what Touchpad driver works best for you in your system. Thank you for the post! Worked fine by manual install update of the driver and I can configure the Elan Smartpad to do what I wanted which is what I have been doing under XP. That disappeared when I installed the new harddrive and upgraded to windows 7.

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Fortunately however this unofficial guide is well-reached and many Dell customers have tested and reported the best driver for their system. When updating to Windows 10 the touchpad started to bad functioning: Original post can be found here: I attempted to use the latest Synaptics Touchpad driver Dell 11z — e105 with both 32bit Anniv and Creat: If the Touchpad is not-responsive or erratic you may need to plug in a USB mouse to do this. Try synaptlcs following and see if it fixes it In here click on your device.


Dell Touchpad Drivers

Right click Dell Touchpad and select Uninstall:. I installed a new ss hard drive to my Dell Inspiron E laptop and lost the ability to turn off the touchpad when using a mouse. To find the x64 folder with the drivers:. Have you tried uninstalling the drivers for it and then reinstalling them? I am having the same problem finding the 64 bit information in the Synaptics driver files Can you provide help in locating this information?

Go to the Downloads folder and select the extracted Touchpad folder:. For best results remove any USB mouse attached to the system.

Select Downloads and make a new folder, call it Touchpad:. For the Older Driver Packages it is often better to use 7zip to extract the driver. I hava a Dell Latitude u, which originally came with Windows 7 Pro. It should then not show as default when not connected. There have been numerous Touchpad issues with the release of Windows synaptjcs.

Now go to “Additional mouse options”. Make sure the “Mouse” is set as the default device it must be connected to do this. It should work now. Select ok and then close:.


After reading your reply, I tried the Synaptics So thanks again, you are the best!

I saved all the links but there are over 50 of them. Thank you for the post! In this case the generic Microsoft driver is used. This driver has the touchhpad Elan tab in settings from which all things can be adjusted — never found a way of doing this with any of the Dell utilities.

Lost ability to turn off touchpad Inspiron E – Touchpad – Laptop Tech Support

It has an Elan SmartPad which is a pretty appalling thing but we are where we are. Philip, please note that it is the 32bit I have tested not the 64bit although I think this should work fine. Retry with an e1550 version of the driver.

That disappeared when I installed the new harddrive and upgraded to windows 7. Hi Philip, I am running Windows 10 bit on the Inspiron

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