Now I am trying to troubleshoot it but windows 8. I have gone through a number of cartridges without a problem but the current cartridge gives a poor print even though it is full. Close Clear Search History. Customer who recommended this item 2. Please select items on the left side panel.

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So How do I get it to print in colour from a Mac?

Suggest you unplug the printer and start again. Please select items on the left side panel. The Pb bought about two years ago and didn’t print a lot. Does anyone know where I can find drivers for 8.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint PB Questions & Answers (page 2) –

Very sorry, I should have made clear it was on special, saw it in their flyer and I always get techie stuff when there’s an offer on; brand or model doesn’t matter to me; the model I wanted was not available, the salesperson suggested this and I am still so delighted with it Gill, I’m no expert but I would suggest you just unplug the printer, re plug it in again then ‘restart’ your PC.


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Hi, it looks like the toner may be running low. Roger RogerLea replied on Sep 20, Sanostra asked on Apr 05, It will not print colour!

RogerLea replied on Nov 28, Its not the brand of paper as the troubleshoot implies as I use good quality as I found cheap paper jams, and the settings are still on normal settings. I own an MB Xerox printer. Can you tell me what is wrong? Nerida cifton l205 on May 02, Hi David, good question.

Is that cartridge a generic one or OEM. Now I am trying to troubleshoot it but windows 8.

DocuPrint Pb Fuji Xerox

RogerLea replied on Jul 23, However it started printing a lighter shade of black and automatically we presumed it needed a new cartridge. Hi Alysse, Try installing software came with printer, or you can find the software from online website. When i send a print job nothing happens and the PC print job folder shows 0 documents.


Peter asked on Jul 23, The Orange light at the top is a fiji orange colour but the green light underneath is flashing slowly. Laser Printer Toner cartri Dani Willis asked on Apr 05, No I don’t work for Xerox but maybe that is correct. So far so good Suggest in this printer you only use genuine Fuji Xerox toner. That should solver the problem.

DocuPrint P205b

Samsung laser printer tone What is actually the problem is? Write a review Ask a question. Check you levels with the utility on your computer.

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