Also has Hz audio beacon-DF tone. Uses “” two 4X tubes in pow- other tubes. Input impedance 2 Megohms shunted by 32 pf. With cords and On-Off switch. Lima, Ohio E.

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W KHz power amp. Requires 5 V 25 me orlglnaiiy supplied oy yP BA oattery not available. Similar to cavity amp in LPX-6 transponder.

Bottom mast AS is COD ordora permitted at our dincretion. Cathode current of each regulated by external VDC not supplied.

Все товары рунета по лучшим ценам – Тобшкола

Also adjustable current limiting and overvoltage protection. Requires three Vp 1?. A S- Bunis; another guide on radios with quality color pictures! Specify channel ; 4x 2. Requires two 9 V batteries: Line and Carrier Level meters. Transmitter requires 9 V battery not supplied.

Full text of “Fair Radio Sales Catalog WS”

For non-flammable fluids only because fluid flows thru motor acting as lubricant. Requires VDC 30 lbs ah.


Accepts single or multicopy 8. Tubes 2 E 2 66AC7. Otheruscb possible with mollification Reduced output at lower input voltages.

FS’indicated; ADC, 3. Behind, lr opposite direction of. Insulation and switch peak test voltage: Discs may have “blip-skips” during play.

Kith AB antenna and H headset. Rugged vehicular version of R receiver. Shaft threaded 1″ ; 4. Requires RF input from 0. Cover’s underside is high visibility “hot pink” color.

HO UPS in 2 pkgs. Used-operational, but some adjustments may be required! Rated for intermittent duty.

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Requires VDC ma and 6. AirtrolNEW, 4. Also 4 ea guy ropes MX Circuit boards available separately; garhead info. Style varies; 1 t b.

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