If you are happy for us to do so, just click Close. You should now be able to use the software. You may need to repeat this for the shortcut on the Start Menu. Then click Next Windows will then search the folder for a suitable driver, and should come back with the message as below. I’ve followed the setup instructions to the letter but I’m confused about ports. You should then see the following screen:

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Finally there are a few changes you need to make to get the software up and running. You can download them from the following locations: The installer may not give a confirmation window – it may just disappear when it is finished. The device is now ready for use.

VCDS/GENDAN KKL cable – A3 Tdi interface

In some cases, Windows may then go through the driver installation process a second time, to install a secondary component of the interface, during which time you may see this: If you are happy for gendqn to do so, just click Close. You may want to refer to this web page for help sorting it: This should start the “Add New Hardware Wizard”.

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When it does so, click Next Select “Search for the best driver for your device Recommended ” as shown below and then click ” Next ” Make sure only “Specify a location: It will then display a message indicating the installation is complete. You should then see this screen: You may need to repeat this for the shortcut on the Start Menu. View Shopping Basket Search. The instructions are telling me to select an available port below 4 which makes sense as the VCDS setup screen shows ports 1 – 4 so I went into device manager and the usb serial port was allocated to port 5.


Please note these instructions are only intended for use with our own Gendan brand KKL interfaces, and we cannot guarantee their suitability with other cables. I went into properties, as per the instructions, and selected the next available port which was port 2.

Gendan KKL mod – Alfa Romeo Forum

Did you install the drivers that came with the KKL wire? Want to sign up to our email newsletter? That should be all the preparation done.

Just connect the interface to a USB port on the computer – Windows will then show a notification that it is locating and installing device drivers Browse to the location where you downloaded the files, and double-click on the vagusb To get your interface up and running, you need to install software device drivers for the USB interface. Then on the Properties page, select the ‘Compatibility’ tab, and kkl the option marked ‘Run this program as an administrator’: For full details of the cookies we use and how we use them, or to change your settings please see this page.


If the test reports back ok, then click Save.

I tried all the other ports with no gain. Click on ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’. Our website uses cookies. Checking the driver installation To confirm that the drivers are correctly installed you need to open the Windows Device Manager.

Installing VAG-COM 409.1 on Windows 7

That doesn’t seem to be a genuine VCDS cable kk me. Windows will copy the required files to the computer – this can take a little while on older computers. Got a message saying VCDS lite not found. If you are happy for us to do so, just click Close. If you are installing the package on a PC that is connected to gendaj internet, Windows 7 can automatically locate and install suitable drivers via Windows Update. I connected the cable to the car, started the engine, and, again as per instruction selected usb on the VCDS setup screen.

If those first two have been accomplished, then you may have other programs messing with your COM ports.

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