Zitat von ole im Beitrag Results 1 to 10 of I have a drive already running winxp, I thought i could do the switch then install any nessacery drivers once I’m booted. Please report all spam threads, posts and suspicious members. Thank you, for your answer! Jrman52 you need to post a bit more info.

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Click icy9rto adjust the content of the private message. Sun Aug 11, It is impossible to give a unique answer for all users with a 5-Series chipset system, because each hardware configuration may be different and the user’s preferences as well.

There are certain chipset specific drivers related to hard drives, and if they are the wrong ones you will never be able to boot off the hard drive without doing a repair install of Windows. Zitat So my answer is: With one single hdd, the capabilities are limitied and also maybe problems: The modded driver has to be digitally signed by a trustworthy person or Company.

Of course new driver features, which require a more actual hardware, will not be supported by older SATA Controllers. Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: Zitat General personal statements: Intel Core i5 k C0 4.


Do i have to reformat the drive when i switch motherboards?

Forum – Modded Intel AHCI and RAID Drivers (digitally signed)

Till now, stability is very good – but I never had problems with stability in older versions, too. Please report all spam threads, posts and suspicious members. The way to avoid this problem is to remove the drivers before disconnecting the HD from the old mother board. You can install one after the other 2 or 3 different driver versions examples: This way you will participate in the technological innovation.

Big thanks to them both! Before I used RSTe Results 1 to 10 of I do not remember how much faster it was when I tested them, but enough to not make me think twice about which to use for my RAID setup. But yeah, sounds like you would just really have to test each set, on each controller. Even if they should be the best for some hardware configurations, this is not automaticly valid for all hardware configurations.

Zitat von ole Now my question: Hello everybode, hello Fernando!


Gigabyte vs ICH9R SATA controller: Which is best?

Sun Nov 18, 9: Users with an older Intel chipset should always keep in mind, that the chipset manufacturer Intel only develops drivers for controkler newest and for the upcoming chipsets and not for the older ones. The reason mentioned above will be used. All WindowsOperating Systems from Win7 up.

A feedback regarding the result is much appreciated. I am not sure regarding the answer. That is the reason why the “driver modification” doesn’t have any negative impact on the conttroller of the absolutely untouched Intel AHCI and RAID drivers, Relevance of the driver’s “Digital Signature” The latest Windows Operating Systems from Win8 up have a feature named “Driver Signature Enforcement”, which does not allow to get any driver installed, which has no valid digital signature.

No, I don’t think so. The time now is Thank you, for your answer!

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