Microtek ArtixScan M1 Scanner 1 product rating 1. A lamp in the cover provides illumination. Best Selling in Scanners See all. But they are all a lot of work. The glassless scanning enables clearer scans of the film because it avoids the optical distortions, aberrations, and dirt that can appear in a scan that passes through the glass plate of a typical flatbed scanner.

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We decided to install SilverFast. The specs are not yet available, but optical micritek resolution is x, exceeding the dpi of the i if falling short of the of the V We’ll be using the M1 in the days to come to do the bulk of our serious scanning.

I was unable to find a repair manual, and I heard that MicroTek atrixscan not repair the scanner but you could buy a new one that was cheaper. Microtek ArtixScan M1 Pro overview. But nothing removes that scanner bed glass from the optical path. Microtek supplies a set of black vinyl tapes with the company name on them to hold the odd-sized film on the glass. In addition to the barcode, it m11 has an ID code other software can use to look up the values in the appropriate file.

A lamp in the cover provides illumination.

Since this Microtek slide and film scanner comes with an excellent functionality, you will be able to fulfill your document scanning needs reliably. The name, by the way, was derived from the Artix brand for its film scanning capability, the M from Microtek and the one to indicate this is the first scanner in a new series. Show More Show Less. The cover of the manual has the code you need to activate the package. It took a minute or two for the scanner to wake up and be recognized by the system, but once it was, we launched SilverFast and it found the scanner with no problem.


Fortunately, the software is smarter than we are. Scanner Parts for Microtek. And we’ll report on its mkcrotek, comparing it to both the V and i The autofocus capability of the M1 promises a large leap in productivity.

Microtek ArtixScan M1 – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

You see that immediately when you open the M1 Pro box to find a second set of four film holders, which is not supplied with the M1. Not every scanner comes with IT8 targets, which are not cheap.

The resulting detail in the scan of aftixscan film will enable prints up to 16 x 24″ while still holding pixels per inch at that print size. Alternate scanning software packages, artixcan software, OCR software, manuals and more.

Microtek ArtixScan M1 Pro Dual Media Scanner – flatbed scanner – desktop – USB 2.0

We couldn’t stop there, though. Scan four strips of 35mm film while you load another four. About this product Product Information This Microtek slide and micdotek scanner is helpful and reliable, and it is good for meeting your scanning needs and providing digitized records under many different scenarios. It uses a tray below the scanner’s glass plate to scan film, eliminating the glass from the optical path like any other film scanner.


In addition the Pro version includes LaserSoft SilverFast Ai Studio image optimization software for an incredibly precise level of color control and a host of automated features to optimize your micrltek images, and provides precise color management – even with the most degraded or damaged originals.

We loaded the film in kicrotek format holder, dropped it into the film drawer and returned to LaserSoft, switching from transparency to reflective mode. And in fact, the M1 is a film scanner at heart with reflective scanning thrown in as a bonus.

Skip to main content. I am very unhappy with this machine, it was expensive at the time of purchase and should have lasted longer. USB designations adtixscan tricky. The old girls never looked so good.

As good as the Epson is — and it’s very good — it handles transparency scanning through the same glass bed it uses for reflective scanning. We mentioned it in an update of our SilverFast review, but couldn’t test it, not having barcoded aetixscan.

So we found an old portrait of great grandmother and grandmother and scanned it in color. Microtek ArtixScan M1 Scanner 1 product rating 1.

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