If the remap is successful, a device key will blink twice. Selecting the Subtitle and DVS Settings option will present a new menu screen with settings specific to subtitle and descriptive video service operation. LO The Local Origination states whether the object is located locally on the set-top. Otherwise, colors will not appear correctly on the TV. Only a professional installer or someone with a good working knowledge of the color spaces supported by the TV should change this setting. It is updated every five seconds and reset each time the DCXM is power cycled or another digital multiplex is tuned. Model ID The model, in hexadecimal.

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Motorola DCX3500

You can use the following keys to navigate the diagnostics menus: Be sure to display the RSA number prominently on all equipment boxes. The information is updated every five seconds. Note that the buttons do not physically depress like standard mechanical buttons.

Determine if you are connecting to a data device see Data Device Connections. Collecting Data Displays whether data collecting is taking place on the network.

If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or panle of the following measures: Flash The allocated flash memory in MB.


The buttons are activated when your fingertip touches the marked areas on the front panel. Do I have to setup my DCH? When operating in native mode, the DCXM will generate a video output format that most closely matches the broadcast video format. If more than twelve video timing formats are discovered, pael supported formats only are listed first, followed by up to twelve remaining formats.

Font Edge Type Sets the edge appearance used for rendering drawing closed captions. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. Originally Posted by tangoalpha. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Motorola DCX |

Above batteries will have different model numbers on product pages since are after market replacement dcxm dual tuner Tigerr Benson tiger mpeg-9 6tb drive allows up hours hd?

Channel ID The upstream channel identifier 0 to Video Processor is not locked to the video stream. VP Lock indicates whether the video stream is locked. If multiple errors occur, the last recorded error is displayed: Connect the stereo audio cable to the audio l and r connectors on the DCXM series set-top and the audio left and audio right connectors on the SDTV.

The information on the OSD is updated when you display the diagnostic. Once the key sequence has been executed correctly, the front panel LED will display cold for one second and then the DCX will reset.


I would like to add capture functionality to the app and was trying to build a DirectShow filter graph which would simultaneously render the stream to the GUI and also write the stream to disk.

To ship your equipment for repair: Glad to see it is working for you.

If panle Lip Sync option has been set to either Auto or Off, this option is disabled and no longer selectable in the menu. Originally Posted by kevin http: Can you give me a link that contains the latest drivers and instructions? If Clr is displayed, press any other key on the remote control to reset the terminal, turn it off, and complete the clearing process.

Give me the exact steps you want me to follow. The frequency is displayed in MHz in xxxx.

By default, the Disabled option is selected. AVS Forum articles Contests.

You’ll also need a software program to view the recorded video file, and the free VLC Media Player handles this nicely.

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