The “-layout” option lets us pick exactly which ServerLayout to use. Currently, I’m running at x resolution since I’m not using the ivtv driver which is capable of running at a native NTSC resolution of x In addition to recording shows and having time-shifting Live TV capabilities, the Myth addons allow for enhanced functionality, bringing a MythTV-enabled box to much more than a TiVo could ever do: Now you need to disable a security feature; remember to enable it again later. And, it will show you how to install LIRC, the software driver required to use remote controls. Reportedly, adding the command to “.

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I’m trying to remember what I found. You’ve been working hard.

IVTV Install

Comment 4 Greg McGee You may need to install xmltv in order to perform the following. New RPM package request show other bugs. As root user, make the following directory. This is an IVTV problem. IVTV cards not found by mythtv.

As the mythtv user, start the myth backend. Made the directory available for everybody chmod directorybut no change, no live tv Other than that it’s the same as the non-tainted stuff. It was a straight update of the previous PLF stuff, so nothing crazy. Finish following mgthtv Gentoo Install ivfv and install the necessary system utilities syslogger, cron daemon, boot loader, etc.


I installed ivtv-utils, libvideo-ivtv-perl, and xserver-xorg-video-ivtv. This time, the script will see that it is running on screen 1, so it will just launch mythfrontend.

Also mke sure the ‘software restricted bye copyright or legal issues Multiverse ‘ checkbox. Ivv Vigier One final thing to note, if you upgraded mplayer to the latest, alsa9 audio output has been replaced with alsa1x. With this in mind, I’d just hold of until the packages are there any major issue notwithstanding, it should be a couple hours then do the update including the tainted pkgs. I’ll poke around and see if I can find it and update iftv post.

MythTV/Troubleshooting – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Thank you to all the developers who have created Myth, ivtv, and linux in general. I didn’t change any drivers or any folders, and since it sorta works, it seems more like some setting. Obviously, if you have a different sound card non-intel8x0 then select the proper device.


But what about ripping a DVD copying the film from the optical disk to the computer. Are you talking Frontend settings or Backend settings. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Thanks to this my server could be migrated to Mageia.

IVTV – MythTV Official Wiki

Description Greg McGee Also added comments to radioFunctions. Old version still no workee, of course. Comment 28 Manuel Hiebel If not, review the past instructions for something has gone wrong. If you find a better way, please edit this page accordingly.

However, with proper kernel configuration, this guide may help people with differing hardware configurations. Similar to before, we will need several pieces of software required by Xine. Also, for your data provider, make sure you select DataDirect. Now we need to copy it to where it should go.

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